Starting a Digital Business in Manchester in 2019

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Starting a Digital Business in Manchester in 2018 – Top Tips

In 2017 450,000 new businesses were formed throughout the United Kingdom. So far this year in 2018 350,000 have already been set up.

Manchester is an excellent place to consider starting your new business, we have an abundance of cheap office space, there are superb transport links, and do not forget Manchester’s world beating universities assure you of a large pool of very talented potential employees.

One of the real big factors that makes Manchester streets ahead of the rest is the enterprise spirit and the massive innovation that has fueled our city’s growth since the early years during the Industrial Revolution.

There are a variety of things to consider if you are thinking of beginning a business in Manchester. You would be very wise to ensure that you use all of the resources that are available to you in Manchester, and you need to consider what will give you the edge over your competition in Manchester’s competitive and rapidly moving and changing business environment.

This Manchester guide gives you some key areas to consider for start-ups,; these including networking, available support and of course financing.

Support for your new business in Manchester

There is a variety of different organisations in Manchester that can advise and assist you with a vast range of tasks involved in setting up your new business ranging from creating your business plan through to recruiting personnel and then company growth plans.

There is the ask about business service within Manchester library and this is an excellent place for you to begin your journey. Within the library is the online business resource called Cobra that contains masses of information on Manchester the local business economy, business opportunities and you can also arrange to have appointments with professionals at the library to go through your business plans and your start-up aspirations

the UK government also runs a valuable service called business Link,  and this is an excellent resource for budding entrepreneurs and existing entrepreneurs that can guide you on a wide range of things to growth planning, human resources accounting through to health and safety.

Also consider becoming a Chamber of Commerce in Manchester member, within the Chamber of Commerce is a massive pool of experience and advice, there is training and also special events that can help you network seek assistance and help your business to become a success.

Financing your business in Manchester

The government offers a wide range of different grants and there are also other publicly for and privately funded organisations that can help you to launch a start-up and get off the ground. business startup manchester

You could also look into if you can acquire a guaranteed loan from the government, here is the main manchester business gov website portal .

Business networking

Business networking is one of the fundamentals in starting, growing and generating new business. Going to networking events isn’t just a good way to keep ahead of trends in your industry other local business economy but it is a brilliant way to make new business contacts that you otherwise would not have met.

manchester digital scene

You could run into a potential investor or even a perfect potential employee or you may find the supplier of your dreams at one of these events.

Consider the Manchester business breakfast club, although there is a paid monthly subscription of about £50 plus VAT if you want to attend these meetings, this can pay dividends greatly because everyone who attends by virtue of the fact that they have paid to attend is keen to do business help other businesses and get business themselves.

There is also which will show vast range of different events that are running in your local area and in the niche is and business areas that you operate within.

There is the northern digital meet up that a perfect creative businesses in Manchester, and we can only emphasise once again how worthwhile paying the membership fees are and attending all these meats religiously.

It is not about dishing out your business card to every single person there without engaging conversation, this is pretty much a bad idea in our opinion. The best way to garner new business from events such as this is to attend regularly, be personable, have your two-minute pitch waiting on the tip of your time at all times, have a 2nd pitch where you can explain exactly what your business does and you even need to build to explain your businesses purpose and offering in one sentence.

A one sentence pitch is a very strong proposition when speaking to a new possible lead as you can potentially gain their interest right from the start. Do not be disheartened if you come away from your first few meetings thinking I didn’t get any business and I wasted two hours of my time going to those meetings is it worth going again, it probably is worth persevering, and make sure that you build on the social meet ups possibly expand into other networking groups and if you put the hard-working, as with anything else, then you will see dividends from this approach.





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