Manchester firm Social Chain,has acquired digital agency Glow Artists

Social media marketing company based in Manchester, Social Chain Group has just purchased the digital agency, Glow Artists in a bid to further strengthen their strong market dominance. The deal was done between Glow artists parent company Glow media group Germany and Social chain. Glow artists are also a social media influencer agency.

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The group currently works with a portfolio of over 400 multi channel brands spread across social media platforms and with the purchase of Glow artists they will be extending their influencer capabilities very significantly which will be of benefit to Manchester as a whole as dominating in a digital niche can only benefit the city as a whole.

Glow artists was initially launched in German in 2014 by Holger hansen and Georg Kofler, then they set up a sub company in the UK in 2015, a quick expansion indeed. By 2017 Glow artists talent pool had a massive total of alost 10 million subscribers on You Tube which provided them with a significant reach in the marketing arena.

As a result of the deal, the Social chain group will be able to offer its clients an ever wider opportunity to engage with different talent and the flip side is they will provide Glow artists talent to have more and better opportunities.

Steve Bartlett, chief executive of Social Chain Group stated ‘there are many parallels with the two companies. Both companies known social media well and also how to engage youth audiences”

‘it therefore made a large amount of sense for the companies to combine and work together’



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