Manchester the Digital Hub

In the immortal words from the Frontman of Manchester legends the Stone Roses, Ian Brown, once said very simply why Manchester should never be underestimated:

“Manchester’s got everything except a beach.”

ian brown manchester

Manchester is pioneering the way forward in the Digital Age


Fast moving developments in the world of technology have meant that ever more companies are doing business online and also promoting online. This goes without saying for any forward thinking company due to the amount of potential offered online. This massive growth has fed the requirement for digital savvy people to fill these niches and provide skills for the digital age.

A recent survey from the National Institute for Economic an Social research stated that there are over 260,000 companies that form the hub of the digital economy in the UK, and it states that the governments far more modest recent estimates are ‘out of date’.

Manchester’s economic progress reflects this huge growth and the citys digital economy is set to create 25,000 jobs during the next ten years.

This is ever since the famous Alan Turing and his lab team at Manchester University helped develop the modern computer from the ‘manchester baby’ in 1948 . Since that time Manchester has been given over £3.5 billion to build a global hub for creative employees.

Technology from education

Education for these growing industries has not been overlooked, with Manchester having 3 high quality universities, that house over 7000 creative and new media students and more than 6000 who are engaged in computer based studies.

Mediacity is hosting students from Salford University and allows them to polish their skills in SEO, new media , PR and much more.

London isn’t the only success story for Digital!

Graduates of digital industries are attracted to Manchester because of it’s fast growing status and the fact it is much cheaper than London to live in, with the same potential for success. A win win!

Mediacity for example is Manchester equivalent of Hackneys silicon roundabout, but it has much more buzz about it and the creative spark here is huge!

This is partly no doubt due to the more affordable cost of office space in Manchester combined with the big cities access to big clients, on a similar scale to London. Of course, the other fact is that digital business is not geographically restricted, hence companies in Manchester can still work with many clients who are based in London. This is more appealing to the London companies as well, due to a lesser cost.


Manchesters ambition and heavy funding

the large amount of government and PFi in recent years has been a big factor in Manchesters digital economy growth. In October last year, over £1 million was gifted to the city as part of the governments Strategy technology board which is a £25 million financing scheme for tech startups.

Manchester has held these opportunities with the swagger you would expect from such a vibrant and buzzing digital city. Manchester is also big in Social Media agencies such as the highly successful Social Chain

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