Manchester and more Manchester!

Manchester is a thriving city that deserves to be written about and because we love Manchester, that’s what we do!

We are professionals who have lived in Manchester and have family who study there, and we love the city! Hence we are bringing you useful guides and news on a weekly basis !

Manchester is a great place to be an international student and is the most diverse in term of languages in the whole of Western Europe!! There is up to 200 different languages spoken in the city at any time!about manchester

The diversity of this city is amazing with half of the citys population being multilingual, and 4/10 younger people being able to speak a second language.

Manchester is ram packed with things to do and has lots of unique places to visit.

A summary of the fun things to do in Manchester could be as follows:


  • More than 30 museums and galleries
  • Over 95km of canals
  • A talented and world renown music scene
  • Influential in art and design culture
  • 5 steam engines!
  • 42 traditional markets


Come to live,work or study in Manchester!!