Manchester as a city

Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom with the on off crown of being the UK’s ‘second city’ when compared to London which is the capital city of the UK.

Manchester is in a prime position geographically speaking, as it is about the same distance from Leeds and Liverpool. While also being in easy ish reach of Wales or the lake district.

After becoming the first proper industrial city, Manchesters cotton fame developed and helped the city to grow significantly. The old brick mills that were prevalent during this time, are for the most part still standing and hold a large part of Manchesters cultural heritage within them. During the 20th century the industry declined and Manchester, as with many cities at that time went into a bit of a decline, but after the commonwealth games were held there in 2002, a large tranche of investment funds were poured into the city with the aim of helping it realise its full potential. This happened and now over the past 20 years the city has literally been transformed into a thriving business hub with amazing opportunities for all types of businesses.

Manchester has the image of being very wet and miserable, which is not entirely the case! Sometimes, it can be rather grim, but then hey, this is England! What did you expect? But on those sunny days in August, the city comes alive and its character and history truly shine through.

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Manchester facts

1 / Manchester was actually named as the worlds first industrial city and has a rich industrial heritage , nicknamed as ‘Cottonopolis’ in the late nineteenth century.

2/ The first passenger train station in the world was built in Manchester in the 1830’s. it was in fact the very first railway that relied exclusively on the power of steam and there was no horse (the animal!) power allowed at any point. Another first was that it was the first railway to have a signalling system and also to be double tracked along its full length. Another first was that it was the first mail carrying rail system! Manchester truly was a pioneer of this industry and the industrial revolution.

3/ Manchester was also at the cutting edge of science, and helped to shape the science revolution. In Manchester the first atom was split by Ernest Rutherford and the modern micro computer aka computer , which was in fact called ‘baby’ was also built here. The first commercial computer to be built had a gigantic memory of 32……giga….no! 32 words!!!! Wow, how times have changed.

Manchester and more

4/ Manchester’s population of approx. 2.5 million people is the most diverse city , within Europe for it’s linguistics diversity. There are over 200 spoken languages in Manchester, truly a claim to fame!

5/ Manchesters world famous Curry Mile is a well known influencer of this city. All within a mile length (a bit shorter actually) there are over 70 Asian cuisine restaurants side by side to each other. This is been recorded as the biggest concentration of Indian restaurants outside India! A great place to go for a curry then!

6/ Manchester have been voted as the ‘best city in the uk’ in 2013 to live in and it came 51st in the world rankings. A testament to this fact is that Manchester has the largest population of students of any city in Europe, as it is home to over 100,000 students!

7/ There have been a huge 25 winners of the Nobel peace prize that studied at the University of Manchester, which is also one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom.

8/ Outside the city of London, Manchester airport is the biggest and busiest in the UK. Its also the 3rd busiest airport in the united kingdom, and handles over 22 million passengers heading to over 200 destinations around the world, each year.

9/ The price of houses in Manchester saw the highest growth rate in the UK during 2013 with a huge rise of 21% per year! This was an even higher number than London.Manchester united football club

10/ Manchester is basically a mecca for football and is home to no less than 4 premiership teams including Manchester City and the venerable Manchester United. During 2013 the sport brought in a colossal £350 million in economic benefits to the region!

11/ Manchester is well known for a vibrant and on trend music scene. Top rock bands like Oasis and Joy Division, not to mention the globally famous Halle orchestra, can lay claim to being from Manchester.

12/ Chethams Library which in fact was the first free library to be launched, was opened in 1652 and has remained open every since then. It holds more than 120,000 volumes of printed books and is one of the oldest English libraries in the world.

Manchester as a business Hub

Manchester is a hub of business activity. It is home to many large places such as Granada studios, the headquarter of Granada Television.
Manchester in fact, has the largest number of local radio stations outside of London, including BBC Radio Manchester, Galaxy fm, amongst many others. Community radio stations as were, like Sunset 102 and KFM along with pirate radio stations played a big role in Manchesters roots of house music culture, known as the Madchester scene which was formed in clubs like the renown ‘Hacienda’ nighclub.

Manchester is also well known for its Press roots, and the Guardian newspaper was founder there in 1821, formerly known as the Manchester Guardian. Its head office still remains in the city and many of the company’s management functions were relocated to London in 1964.
The companies other publication was the Manchester evening news which has the biggest circulation currently of any UK regional newspaper.

Manchester restaurantAs a business hub Manchester is served well by airports, having the third largest airport in the UK, Manchester Airport!
It is the largest airport outside of London and serves many destinations through a variety of different airways that operate from there. Namely Europe, North America, Africa, the Caribbean, Africa , Asia and the middle east. Manchester airport also boasts a wider range of destinations than any other airport in Britain

To cope with this growth a second runway was opened in 2001 and the terminals have continued to be improved. Manchester airport is rated as a category 10 airport which puts it in elite company. Indeed, this group of airports are able to handle “code f” aircraft which include behemoths such as Airbus A380, Boeing 747-8 and from 2010 Manchester airport become one of only 17 airports globally and the only other airport apart from Heathrow, to operate the gigantic Airbus A380.

Manchester AirportNearby is City Airport, which is 6 miles to the west of Manchester Centre. It was the first municipal airport in Manchester and was the first airport in the UK to have a control tower. Today it is used more as a General Aviation airport and for private charter flights. It also has a flight school, and the GMP (police) air support unit are based there and the North West air ambulances also have helicopters based from this airfield.

Manchester Conference events

There are numerous reasons why businesses choose to do corporate events, sometimes it can be to educate an audience and build authority on a particular subject matter or it could be an exercise in networking, or another marketing upsell. Whatever the thinking behind it, find a location for a conference or exhibition can be difficult at best, impossible at worst!
To be sure to get a venue that actually ticks all the boxes, the following facts need to be carefully considered.
1/ you must have a clear end goal in mind
Before you start looking for a Manchester Venue, you must decide on your objectives and goals for the event. Are you planning to share your ideas with the business community? Are you planning to offer free training in some format? Are you simply wanting to educate the community better on your business or service area? Or are you wanting to run a digital conference and harness the power of the internet and SEO to achieve your goals? Eg facebook ads to promote the event, eventbrite and so on/

2/ Training and workshop classes and events are always popular
In a recent event brite survey, this type of event was said to be the most popular by far. Interactive events also happen to be more cost effective to actually run, and they also draw more dedicated crowds. Businesses that wish to follow this must factor in that a perfectly run Manchester business conference or indeed any other big city eg Sheffield, Leeds, London the list goes on, must use a venue selection based on their plans and needs. It must also be accessible and attractive.
3/ Technology is becoming more and more important
In recent years technology has been the underpinning of many events and companies that wish to run a conference or event must be aware of the expectations that modern audiences have with regards to the technology in use at an event.
Your business event doesn’t have to be as techno savvy as an Apple product launch or a Space X or Tesla product launch, but some digital marketing, good digital projectors and proper audio visual equipment is expected. Fortunately any modern venue with it’s salt is kitted out with this equipment.
4/ The budget is limited
Eventbrites survey also said that 45% of revenue from events actually comes from the registration cost, and food and drink use up 33% of expenses. This means that good budgeting is crucial!
5/ Keep the events regular!

Keeping regular is important! Many SMEs have events that they run, sometimes regularly eg monthly or more often throughout the year. 70% of SME marketers run an average of 5 events per year. The benefit to running things regularly is that it offers the chance to more people to attend your Manchester SEO event or other business event. Also, it means that you may gain a loyal following of regular attendees which is a big bonus for business networking. Regular business conferences are great for business networking for obvious reasons. More to the point, using a regular venue can help your regulars make the events more reliably

6/Size does matter!
Its not easy to guess how many people will be attending your conference in Manchester, but it’s a good idea to some some research beforehand and gather the numbers to help inform your decisions.
Your Manchester event space must have enough room to hold a minimum number of people, but it must also be cosy enough to keep a smaller crowd from feeling lost. This means in essence that finding a good event space that ticks all the boxes is crucial.

7/ Giving a good account of yourselves

Once you have sorted your goals , technology and so on out, you have to remember that your chosen venue must make a good first impression. Welcoming attendees and helping to ensure that they return. This is where a Manchester business venue that is high quality, modern, serviced and well located near Manchester City Centre, makes all the difference. The venue will be used to running events all the time, and this takes a lot of stress out of the whole deal for you.

8/ Develop a relationship with your business event space provider, this can be very beneficial for both you and your business. You get a profile for your business conference or event in Manchester, and they are also building their profile, for free!

Once the venue has been ascertained, you can include them in your promotions for the event. For example, if you used a great SEO agency, some of the best SEO Manchester has to offer could massively boost your events profile. This is important to remember, because you need to ‘be seen’ Using a good SEO agency is a great way to be seen and Digital Marketing is at the forefront of any modern conference event.
It allows you to connect with prospects you would never otherwise get to know, while also giving you a good idea of attendees as Eventbrite or similar will log ticket sales and report back to you.

Next step is how to market your event – Article coming soon check our resources section for our new articles in 2018. We are going to add one article per week and see how it goes, if we can do more we will!


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